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This page is part of IGN's Genshin Impact Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about the types of wood available in Genshin Impact. This guide also contains the location of each wood, what those woods are for, and how to unlock the Serenitea pot!

Update 1.5 presented asImpacto de Genshinhousing system, the Olla Serenitea. This causes players to craft all kinds of furniture to increase their teapot's confidence level. Wood is one material you will need to make furniture, and all different types can be found in Teyvat. However, before we explain how to find each type of wood, let's first answer how to get the Serenitea Pot.


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  • Location of bamboo segments
  • fir wood location
  • pine forest site
  • Location of the Sandbearer's Grove
  • birch wood site
  • Location of Bosque Cuihua
  • Location of Adhigama Grove
  • Fragrant location of cedar wood
  • Location of Karmaphala Grove
  • brightwood location
  • Location of the Mountain Date Grove
  • Location of Athel's Grove

You must meet these prerequisites before obtaining the Serenitea Pot:

  • Increase your adventure level to 35 or higher
  • Complete Chapter I: Act III - "A New Star Approaches"

After completing these tasks, a quest called "A Teapot to Call Home" will become available. Complete the quest and you'll receive the teapot! Getting into the teapot is as simple as going to your inventory's gadgets tab, selecting it, and jumping inside when it appears in front of you.

Once you get the Serenitea pot, you'll immediately notice that you'll need materials to craft your furniture, so this guide is here for those of you who don't know where to find the different types of wood you need.

Location of bamboo segments

Bamboo Segments can only be found in Liyue. Just head to the landmark next to Qingce village and you'll find yourself surrounded by lots of bamboo.

fir wood location

The greatest concentration of spruce wood can be found along the paths beside Dawn Winery, near the statue of sevens.

pine forest site

Pine Wood can be found within Mondstadt and along the Snow Covered Path in Dragonspine.


Location of the Sandbearer's Grove

Sand Bearer Wood can only be found in Liyue, with the highest concentration found in the Guili Plains, extending south towards the Statue of Seven.

birch wood site

Birch wood can be found in Teyvat and Mondstadt has the most of it. The greatest concentration of birch wood is found near the Statue of the Seven, between Springvale and Dawn Winery.

Location of Bosque Cuihua

Cuihua wood is the most common type of wood and is found scattered throughout Teyvat. Most can be found near Dadaupa Gorge.

Fragrant location of cedar wood

Fragrant Cedar can be found around Dawn Winery. This is quite fitting as I expect corks made from this wood will smell amazing and be perfect for the wine they sell.

You may have noticed that most of the wood can be found near Dawn Winery, so a daily trip to this area might be worth it unless you're looking for a very specific type of wood, like bamboo chunks.

Location of Adhigama Grove

Adhigama wood is by far the most common type of wood you will find inSumeru, and essentially finds everyone who ventures out. Just hit the trees you see as you go along and it will probably be this type.


Location of Karmaphala Grove

Karmaphala Wood is a little harder to track down, but the easiest place to find it is on the southern tip of Sumeru in Port Ormos. The tree itself looks a bit like a giant pineapple or dragon fruit.

brightwood location

Sumeru's third new type of wood is Brightwood, which grows in certain barren areas of the map. A good safe place to find it is the area west of the Ribat Caravan, but it is scattered across the map in other areas and looks a lot like a palm tree.

Location of the Mountain Date Grove

We have the first of our newImpacto Genshin 3.1forests here, and you can find this material in trees scattered across the rockier sections of the desert.

Location of Athel's Grove

The other tree you can find in the vast Sumeru desert is the Athel tree. This one is a little harder to find, but it also exists in groups rather than scattered all over the place.

If you've exhausted the resources in this guide, miHoYo has released ainteractive mapyou can use to find more wood. In addition, you can also use the map to search for other things, such as local specialties (Cor Lapis, Valberry, etc.) and even oculi.

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