FBI Star Jeremy Sisto Details [SPOILER] Jubal And Maggie's Moments That Changed From The Original Plan (2023)

FBI Star Jeremy Sisto Details [SPOILER] Jubal And Maggie's Moments That Changed From The Original Plan (1)

Spoilers ahead for episode 11 ofFBISeason 5, called "Breakdown".

FBIreturned to CBS with an episode that shifted focus to Jubal not long afterPut Isobel in the spotlight. However, unlike this case, the week's crisis combined with a problem in his personal life meant a combination of exactly the wrong factors to cause Jubal to go haywire in 'Breakdown'. For the first time in years, Jubal wasn't just drinking, he was drinking at work, and only Maggie betrayed him. Actor Jeremy Sisto spoke to CinemaBlend about what happened and what was originally supposed to be different.

At the start of Breakdown, Jubal's biggest problem was that his morning bagel was almost toasted instead of chewy, but that quickly changed. A bioweapon dropped on a train left two MTA employees dead and another in the hospital whose future was not bright, and his son Tyler found a bump raising the possibility his cancer had returned. Jubal had to rush to the office and wonder about his son while his ex-wife took him to the doctor.

Jubal is generally capable of compartmentalizing his personal life, which has been necessitated for reasons ranging from the death of a loved oneyour child's involvement in a case. This was not the case this time, and viewers found out before the end of the episode that he had been drinking alcohol in his coffee (followed by mints) during the day. When I asked Jeremy Sisto if Jubal's fall from the wagon was cumulative due to everything he's been through over the past few years, or if it was a perfect storm of things that went wrong in this episode, the star shared:

With an addict they say take it one day at a time and I think the reason is because you never know what confluence of moments and events might hit that switch in your brain that says fuck it. It happens really fast. You can hold as much resistance to this idea. "There's no way I can do that. I am well. I will never go this way again. But when you're an addict, there's always that little leeway to make the completely wrong choice. I found it really interesting that the writers chose a concept that they had used before, something that Jubal delved deeply into. His son once had cancer, now he's in remission. So this possibility that this lump is something bad, that's all. It is a possibility.

As Jeremy Sisto previously noted, Jubal's relationship with his son and his son's health"were pretty solid" before starting to drink again. Even with the news that her son has cancerit couldback, that was enough for him to start spiraling... which he was very good at hiding from his peers. The star continued:

Jubal is usually pretty good at delaying his reaction until he gets the real news, but for some reason he just gets a little paranoid on this particular day. He feels like he has this feeling, like a hunch when he's chasing a criminal where he says, "I have a feeling," and he just feels like this is going to suck, this is the beginning of something is what he deserves. can't cope. And it turns out that just when your eyes catch your eye, there's a bit of alcohol in your field of vision.

If only Jubal had had more time between the news of the chemical attack and his son finding a knot, would the episode have ended differently? Or if he had received this bad news somewhere far away from alcohol bottles, could he have coped with it without falling off the wagon? We can only speculate as to how things might have gone had things gone differently, but Jeremy Sisto opened up on why he believes this was not a cumulative issue, saying:

That's it. I don't think it was cumulative. I think if it were cumulative it would have happened when his girlfriend died in his arms shortly after he found out his son had cancer. There were other times when things went [badly]. This was during a period of relative strength and stability, and I think that may be more of why he succumbed to the addiction.

Jubal has definitely not had it easy in recent seasons, andthe death of rinain season 4 it seemed to push him as close to the abyss as he had ever been before the events of "Breakdown". The actor shared at the time that he could lose herare "very dangerous" for him in his recovery.. (You can revisit the streamed Rina episodes with aParamount+-Subscription.) He stayed on the wagon at the time and improved the relationship with his son. Tyler didn't know his dad was drinking by the time the credits rolled on Breakdown, but Sam did.

And Maggie too! While most of his peers remarked that he was more nervous and unpredictable than usual when dealing with the bioweapons case, no one but Maggie seemed to get the points as to what might be at the root of his actions...along with the cup after cup of coffee. , followed by mint after breath. After one of her coffees spilled, Maggie noticed a whiff of alcohol, and she wasn't silent about it.

While she was as tactful as possible when speaking to someone with addiction problems who was also above her in the chain of command, she was also direct when she asked if he was drinking again. Jubal protested so much that his denial almost confirmed her suspicions, and she doubted he was sober enough to handle the scene in which the clock ticked before a chemical bomb went off. Jeremy Sisto opened up about what it meant to Jubal that Maggie was the one to confront him:

He knows she's come to terms with it, but he's not happy about it. She helps him make the right choice, but at the end of the day, he knows he can't admit that to her. He keeps a sense of it. He won't put her in the place of admitting it because then she would have to do something. There's no way she can't, so it's just a nuisance because he'll take care of this case, and he'll keep leaning over the ledge, and at that point she really might be stopping him. But especially during the whole case while she's trying to figure out what's going on with him, I find it really annoying for him to deal with it because he's already struggling in his head with everything that's going on.

Maggie had her own problems with thatSubdivision of your personal feelings during eventsin the past because ofher sister's addiction problems, so she had some experience with what Jubal was trying to hide from everyone. It tracks why Isobel realized something was wrong enough to make sense of the story about Tyler, but why Maggie was the one who connected the dots. According to Jeremy Sisto, Maggie was not originally meant to be the person who would have those moments with him, as he said:

The only moment that really touches him is the end, after it's over. She just won't believe him. He's really trying to convince her. 'You're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong.' And there's just no way to convince them. Makes sense. They actually changed it. Originally it was another character who had a sense of what was going on and they switched to Maggie because of her history with her sister's addiction and because I was a part of it or at least gave her my advice as an addict. So we have a bit of history in this conversation.

Though Jubal admitted to drinking again when he visited his ex-wife to get Tyler's test results and seemed unhappy enough not to want his son to see him that way, he didn't finish "Breakdown." by drowning. Her lovesickness at a bar. He's attended an AA meeting, which hopefully is a sign he'll be back to work sooner rather than later.

Find out how Jubal carries on after indulging his old demons in Breakdown with new episodesFBI(opens in new tab)Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS, beforeFBI: International(which has dealt with some big onesProblems for Forrester and the Fly team who are running out of time) at 9 p.m. andFBI: Most Wantedat 10pm There are more shows planned in the new year so be sure to check ours outTV premiere in 2023.


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FBI Star Jeremy Sisto Details [SPOILER] Jubal And Maggie's Moments That Changed From The Original Plan (2)

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Is Jeremy Sisto leaving the show FBI? ›

Is Jeremy Sisto leaving FBI? Fortunately, Jeremy Sisto is staying in the FBI for a while. The actor will stay on as Jubal and said his character's AA trip is a sign that the character will get back on track.

What disease does Jubal's son have? ›

It was in Season 3's “Fathers and Sons” that Jubal had to be in the field for a case involving a man who was desperate to get his son a kidney as Tyler went to see a doctor and learned he had leukemia. It was caught early and now, two years later, Tyler has been doing well.

Who is Jubal wife on FBI? ›

Samantha Kelton
Spouse(s):Jubal Valentine (ex-husband)
Children:Tyler Kelton (son) Abigail Valentine (daughter)
Portrayed by:Mara Davi
7 more rows

Is Jeremy Sisto returning to law and order? ›

Jeremy Sisto, now in his fourth season as Assist. Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine on FBI, was no stranger to Dick Wolf's (ever-growing) TV universe before he joined the CBS procedural. In fact, Law & Order, on which he played Detective Cyrus Lupo from 2008 to 2010, is coming back for its 21st (!)

Is John Boyd leaving FBI? ›

Actor John Boyd hasn't given any indication that he's leaving FBI, and the drama has already been renewed for Season 6, so the show already has a future beyond the 2022-2023 TV season.

Who is new head of FBI TV show? ›

PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at Dylan McDermott's new character on FBI: Most Wanted. The actor, 60, takes on the role of Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott — the newest head of the FBI's Fugitive Task Force.

Who plays Jubal's girlfriend? ›

Jubal has had maybe one of the toughest seasons of any TV character this whole season. I haven't seen the finale yet, but his girlfriend and boss Rina (Kathleen Munroe) is killed off and his son Tyler gets leukemia and almost dies after a hacker shuts down the machines at his hospital… it's a lot.

Who does Jubal date? ›

Jeremy Sisto talks about Jubal and Rina's relationship in Season 4 of 'FBI. ' Fans of the CBS series know that Jubal not only battles real-life criminals, but personal demons as well. The FBI agent — who struggles with alcohol addiction — told us that Jubal's relationship with Rina does feel "pretty important" to him.

Does Jeremy Sisto wear a hearing aid? ›

I chose to wear this earpiece. It kind of looks like a hearing aid so I thought maybe people think that's a hearing aid as well. So, I did add the earpiece. And just kind of having the phone on my belt.

Who is the new blonde girl on FBI? ›

Shantel VanSanten came into FBI Season 4 as a temporary replacement for Missy Peregrym. Peregrym went on maternity leave, and the writers chose to create a medical leave storyline for Maggie. VanSanten's Nina Chase because OA's partner until Maggie was ready to return.

Who is the head lady on FBI? ›

Isobel Castille is the current Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Field office, having been promoted to the position sometime after the retirement of her predecessor, Dana Mosier.

Who is the assistant special agent in charge Jubal Valentine? ›

Jeremy Sisto: Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine. Jump to: Photos (39)

Why did Detective leave law and order? ›

George Dzundza. Dzundza started out in season one of Law & Order as Detective Max Greevey, but the character was promptly killed off in season two because the actor didn't like the direction the show was going in.

Why did Detective Fontana leave law and order? ›

He left his posting in Chicago because of a conflict with a superior officer, although he refuses to elaborate further. He has never been married.

What was Claire Kincaid last episode on Law & Order? ›


What happened to Agent Aubrey Bones? ›

By The End in the End, Aubrey gets promoted to Supervisory Special Agent by the deputy director after turning down the same promotion in Los Angeles.

Is Kristen Chazal leaving FBI? ›

In 2018, Noel was cast in a series regular role of Special Agent Kristen Chazal in the CBS series, FBI. She left the series after two seasons. In 2022, she went to star in the Oprah Winfrey Network prime time soap opera, The Kings of Napa playing ambitious August King.

Who is leaving the cast of FBI international? ›

Christiane bowed out of the series for good after just one year on the FBI spinoff show. February 16, 2023 - 16:10 GMT Eve Crosbie. FBI: International has get fans gripped through season two, and were thrilled to see the return of Europol agent Katrin Jaeger, played by Christiane Paul.

What actor is leaving FBI: Most Wanted? ›

“FBI: Most Wanted” has officially said goodbye to Jess LaCroix: Julian McMahon, who has led the CBS drama for three seasons, made his final appearance on Tuesday night when his character died on the job.

Has Maggie been replaced on FBI? ›

Maggie is back! Missy Peregrym, who left CBS' “FBI” in April for maternity leave, has returned to set and is filming again, showrunner Rick Eid tells Variety.

Did a cast member leave FBI? ›

“FBI” Is saying goodbye, once again, to Maggie. The character, played by Missy Peregrym, made her last Season 4 appearance on Tuesday, as she is taking time off from the show for maternity leave. The actor announced her pregnancy via social media in February.

Did Jubal drink alcohol? ›

However, Jubal was distracted when his ex-wife Samantha called to tell him their son Tyler, who had been recovering from cancer, had found a lump. The worry over his son, combined with the pressure of stopping a terrorist attack, caused recovering alcoholic Jubal to start drinking again.

What is with Rina and Jubal? ›

Jubal has two children with her: Tyler and Abigail (Crossroads). In the past, Jubal had an affair with his then co-worker Rina Trenholm that, in part, led to his divorce (Unreasonable Doubt). He was in a relationship with Rina Trenholm from the spring of 2021 (Straight Flush) till her death in January 2022 (Grief).

Is Jeremy Sisto married? ›

Jeremy Sisto

What state is the Jubal show in? ›

iHeartMedia Jobs - On-Air Host on The Jubal Show in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Where is the Jubal show based out of? ›

The studios and offices are located on Elliot Avenue West in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. The transmitter is on Tiger Mountain, in Issaquah. KBKS is the flagship station of the syndicated morning show The Jubal Show.

How old is Jeremy Sisto? ›

Why do people only wear one hearing aid? ›

Better sound localization

Whether you decide to wear one hearing aid or two will depend on the extent of your hearing loss and personal preference. Many people operate perfectly well with just one hearing aid, but two is often recommended. For one thing, two hearing aids gives you better localization.

Why do actors wear earpieces? ›

Ear prompters let you deliver your lines word for word, without memorizing them or holding a script in your hand. It's sometimes rightfully referred to as the actor's secret. (In the business, ear prompters are commonly referred to as “the EAR”.

Can a deaf person hear with a hearing aid? ›

There is the assumption that people who have profound hearing loss are not going to be able to benefit from hearing aids, but this is far from true. All hearing aid manufacturers offer some version of the hearing aid that can assist patients who cannot hear a noise under 90dB.

Who is the actress replacing Maggie on FBI? ›

Shantel VanSanten came into FBI Season 4 as a temporary replacement for Missy Peregrym. Peregrym went on maternity leave, and the writers chose to create a medical leave storyline for Maggie. VanSanten's Nina Chase because OA's partner until Maggie was ready to return.

Who Is Julia on FBI? ›

FBI (TV Series 2018– ) - Lexi Lapp as Julia Parker - IMDb.

Who plays Omar's girlfriend on FBI? ›

Yasmine Aker: Mona Nazari.

Who is the highest rank in the FBI? ›

The FBI is led by a Director, who is appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate for a term not to exceed 10 years. The current Director is Christopher Wray.

Why did Maggie Bell leave FBI? ›

That allowed Peregrym to go on maternity leave to have her first child, and the actress returned in Season 3. That's also why Maggie left FBI a second time -- to have her second child. Peregrym announced her pregnancy in February, but she had planned ahead with FBI showrunner Rick Eid.

How many female FBI agents are there? ›

Today, women make up just 22% of special agents, and of the 56 FBI field offices, only seven are run by women. "I think there's few women in law enforcement in general," said Jacqueline Maguire, who runs the Philadelphia Field Office.

What is Jubal's last name? ›

My name is Jubal Fresh, comedian, radio show host and husband to Alex Fresh. me.

How did Rina Trenholm get hurt on FBI? ›

We finally know what happened to Assistant Director Rina Trenholm (Kathleen Munroe) on FBI. As a refresher, she was shot in Season 4, Episode 9 by a vengeful Antonio Vargas (David Zayas), who had orchestrated the attack from behind bars. While she was rushed to the hospital, we never actually learned if she was OK.

Who is Jubal's daughter on FBI? ›

Talia Cuomo: Abigail, Jubal's daughter.

Who is the highest paid actor on Law and Order? ›

Considering that Mariska Hargitay is the longest-running cast member on Law & Order: SVU, having started on the show with its premiere and continuing into its 24th season, it's no surprise that Hargitay is the highest-paid actor on the show. She earns a reported $500,000 per episode.

Why did Amaro get demoted? ›

Amaro proved to be dedicated to the cause. But his temperament often got the best of him, with an off-duty assault of a pedophile leading to a temporary demotion. And because of a history of misconduct accusations, his hopes of moving up the ranks proved to be a pipe dream.

Why is Kelly leaving SVU? ›

After joining Law & Order: SVU in season 13, Giddish said farewell in Thursday's mid-season finale, which saw Rollins tie the knot with Peter Scanavino's Carisi and decide to leave the unit to make a major change in her life: She's going to teach at Fordham University.

Why did Serena Southerlyn leave Law & Order? ›

Departure and sexuality

At the close of the show, Branch dismisses Southerlyn because he feels she is too sympathetic toward defendants, and that her emotions get in the way of looking at the facts.

Is Jeremy Sisto returning to Law and Order? ›

Jeremy Sisto, now in his fourth season as Assist. Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine on FBI, was no stranger to Dick Wolf's (ever-growing) TV universe before he joined the CBS procedural. In fact, Law & Order, on which he played Detective Cyrus Lupo from 2008 to 2010, is coming back for its 21st (!)

Why did Det Cassidy leave Law and Order? ›

The somewhat naive Cassidy was not well-suited to work sex crimes, often lacking the finesse and maturity needed to aid the victims; his unease with the work led him to leave the Special Victims Unit and transfer to narcotics.

How many ADAs did Jack McCoy sleep with? ›

History. McCoy served as a member of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for over 24 years. He worked with three female ADAs and got involved with all three of them. However, McCoy stopped having relationships with his ADAs after the death of A.D.A.

Who did Jack McCoy have affairs with? ›

Jack is by no means an angel, though. He has confirmed that he has had affairs with three of his female assistants, one of which is now an ex-wife. He had an affair with a fourth female assistant, Claire Kincaid, but it was brought to a violent end when she was killed in a car accident with a drunk driver.

When did Connie leave Law and Order? ›

In January 2014, she appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where she became an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York.
Connie Rubirosa
Last appearance"Rubber Room" (L&O) "Angel's Knoll" (LA)
Portrayed byAlana de la Garza
In-universe information
SeasonsL&O: 17, 18, 19, 20 LA: 1 SVU: 15
3 more rows

Why did the main character on FBI leave the show? ›

In January, the actor announced he was leaving the show, saying in a statement that he met with the producers months prior about leaving the show “in favor of additional creative pursuits.” In the statement, McMahon thanked executive producers Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski, and said that the planned exit would “ ...

Are any characters leaving FBI? ›

“FBI” Is saying goodbye, once again, to Maggie. The character, played by Missy Peregrym, made her last Season 4 appearance on Tuesday, as she is taking time off from the show for maternity leave. The actor announced her pregnancy via social media in February.

What cast member left FBI? ›

Missy Peregrym, who left CBS' “FBI” in April for maternity leave, has returned to set and is filming again, showrunner Rick Eid tells Variety. When viewers last saw her in Season 4, Maggie was hospitalized after breathing in sarin gas on a case.

Is an actor leaving FBI? ›

Julian McMahon to Exit 'FBI: Most Wanted' After Three Seasons - Variety.

What happened to the main female character on FBI? ›

MISSY Peregrym's FBI character, Maggie, was written off in the Season 4 episode that aired on May 10, 2022.

Why did they get rid of Jess on FBI: Most Wanted? ›

If you have not heard the news, McMahon's departure from the CBS crime drama was not something that the show may have wanted. Instead, it was the actor who opted to move forward after playing him for the past few years. He wanted to move on to other projects and with that in mind, the show allowed him to do that.

Who is taking Maggie's place on FBI? ›

Maggie accidentally inhaled a toxic dose of deadly sarin gas and barely made it out alive, with the help of OA (Zeeko Zaki). While Maggie was busy recovering, with OA devastated by the mere idea of losing her, Shantel VanSanten's Nina Chase took over as OA's temporary partner.

Who is the new blonde on FBI? ›

Shantel VanSanten plays Nina Chase in FBI Season 5.

Who is the black actress on FBI Most Wanted? ›

Katherine Renee Turner joined the cast of CBS' hit series FBI in its third season as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace.

Does Nina come back to FBI? ›

Maggie is making a comeback. Instead, the writers opted to make Nina pregnant. She's still with the FBI, but she's leaving the team to figure out what to do with the pregnancy.

Is Maggie no longer on FBI? ›

While Maggie has been sidelined since late last season, her character is still a part of the FBI team and Missy Peregrym is still very much a part of the cast. Not only does Peregrym remain a part of the cast, but she's still a series regular and will return to the show soon.

Is FBI star pregnant? ›

Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements of 2022

“My best effort at an 'adorable' announcement,” the actress, 39, captioned a Sunday, February 6, Instagram video of her 22-month-old son, Otis, smacking her baby bump while she laughed. “Come on, I don't have time for that.

Who replaces Jess in FBI: Most Wanted? ›

Season four of the spin-off of the FBI series is set to premiere on CBS on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. McDermott's succession to McMahon's Jess LaCroix comes after three seasons of FBI: Most Wanted, which first premiered in January 2020.

Has FBI: Most Wanted been Cancelled? ›

Is FBI: Most Wanted renewed for season 4? In May 2022, CBS renewed the series for a fourth and fifth season. The fourth season premiered on September 20, 2022.

How many actors have left FBI: Most Wanted? ›

Keisha Castle Hughes and Roxie Sternberg are the only OG cast members left.


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